Every night she lies in bedThose faces always comeOn the black screen of her closed eyesTheir sufferings, their helplessnessTheir dependency on someoneAnd them being helpless in the endNot getting that type of care and attentionThat they actually need!This legit sucks her heartAnd then her ownselfWho bluffs to be normalWho strives her bestConvincing herself that they… Continue reading UNREAL.

A Mist: Transient Souls

There was a chasm in her heart,she was shrouded,again in her reflections,with a portion of her vigor,that was so deep but subtle.Bathed in her thoughts,she was drifted, miserable but factual,from this realm,she was striving,floundering through this deadly ride,keeping aside this worldly ride,she was thinking about everything,that takes her to that afterlife.-Ummé P.s. yesterdays incident was… Continue reading A Mist: Transient Souls

A day.

A day with own self,A day with the soul,Worth thousands of dollars,Than the worth of gold.A day with divine nature,A day with the creator,Worth thousands of trials,That fix a broken core.♥-Ummé P.s. I dont know if that poem makes the rhythm or not but these days I dont feel like writing articles that much. I… Continue reading A day.

A Mystery: Savour the solitude

A lady of mysteryhad a heart of goldand a solemn soul.Her startling essencewas tryng to exploreher mysterious naturein a world of uproar!All her ageprevailed in her cageshe was left aloneby the ones of her own.Nobody could discernwhat could be donewith her thoughtful souland a heart of gold.Seethed one dayshe screamed so loud,but gee!Nobody could heedthat… Continue reading A Mystery: Savour the solitude